Monday, January 28, 2013

Who is winning the FroYo Wars?

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Two words: Orange Leaf.

From time-to-time, we get invited to some fun events. But this one was a bit more personal. Our friends were working on the grand opening of a brand new Frozen Yogurt establishment called Orange Leaf, a self-serve, choose-your-own-toppings, frozen dessert chain – and we were lucky enough to score an invite!*

Of course there was more than one jab at “opening a fro yo place on the coldest day of the year” – but honestly – when are you NOT in the mood for a delicious frozen treat? Answer: Never.

So off we trekked to Murray Hill. It’s a great location actually – right beneath a gym (who doesn’t want to reward themselves with a low fat treat after a tough spin class) and a block away from the Kips Bay movie theater.

Danielle doing some tasting 
The flavors are great. Our (Anne & Danielle’s) mutual favorite was the English Toffee.  Coconut, Peanut Butter, Wedding Cake, Chocolate Mint and Cookie Cake (with Oreo!) ALL ranked close seconds. They also pair up flavors that mix well together so that you can swirl them (hello Chocolate and PB!)

What stands out about Orange Leaf is the cookie bar. That’s right kids – a COOKIE BAR.

 The store launched in conjunction with a great charity called Cookies for Kids Cancer. They raise funds through local bake sales to support research for new and improved therapies for pediatric cancer. They are providing their delicious cookies as toppings! Brilliant! The topping bar also includes favorites like Butterfinger, M&Ms, Heath bar and lots and lots of fruit. But it’s the cookies that stand out. There were about eight different flavors (traditional chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, dark chocolate mint, etc) and who knew they would pair perfectly with FroYo?!
With Foodie In NYC Friend Brittany! 

So if you find yourself in Murray Hill with a hankering for something sweet (or tangy – they have a great Classic Tart flavor too!) give Orange Leaf a try!

Thumbs up for Fro Yo!

Orange Leaf
608 Second Avenue
(between 33rd Street and 34th Street)
New York, NY 10016
Also check them out on Facebook and Twitter

*Disclosure: we were provided a $5 coupon 

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