Monday, January 7, 2013

Did you know that Christa Conte moonlights?

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Foodies In NYC founding member and Hoboken resident Christa Conte is CHEATING on us! That’s right folks, our own Ms. Conte has been MOONLIGHTING as a contributor to the ever-popular Hoboken Patch! THE NERVE! If her posts weren’t totally fabulous and mouthwatering, we would be totally pissed. But it’s Christa! And to know her is to love her. So from time to time we will share her posts on because ….well…even people in New Jersey gotta eat! :)

In her most recent post called “Dining on a Dime,” Christa offers fantastic tips on making the most of the deals on Groupon, Living Social and other local “Deals” sites. Also check out Christa’s past Patch posts (say that 3 times fast…) here.

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