Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guest Post: Red Cat, Where the Apps, Sides and Desserts are the Stars

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Friend of the Foodies in NYC Samantha Wolf dines at Red Cat. Here is her FIRST Foodies' review!
I have now been to Red Cat twice, both times with FoodiesinNYC Danielle, and after trying a substantial portion of the menu between the two of us, we figured out a plan to get the best of the best at this cozy Chelsea restaurant: stick with the starters, sides and dessert.

During our most recent excursion we went in with this plan in mind and it was hard not to get distracted by the delicious entrĂ©e selections – a variety of American-style fish and meat dishes – but we stuck to our guns and it was definitely the right move.

One of the must try dishes is the baked polenta, served in a cast iron skillet with stewed tomatoes and parmesan: it is almost like lasagna but even more cheesy and delicious.  Pretty sure both Danielle and I burnt our mouths trying to get at this as soon as it hit the table.

One of the restaurant’s staples is the light tempura of green beans with sweet hot mustard. These lightly battered string beans are awesome, but they were a little undercooked making them more greasy than tempura should be  the second time so they didn’t live up to our expectations.  The menu is seasonal and is constantly changing, but we fell in love with the butternut squash special side that appeared on the November menu – it was perfection. Even though my dining companion is proud to call herself a carnivore, we went completely vegetarian and Danielle wasn’t left craving a filet for dessert.

Lastly, we discovered what may be one of the best desserts in NYC here on our first visit: Pistachio Semifreddo. I am a dessert lover and I can honestly say this is one of the best desserts I have had, maybe ever.  The pistachio ice cream sat atop a soft brownie and was doused in dark chocolate sauce which hardened after it hit the ice cream.  Heaven.  On our second visit we tried their seasonal semifreddo, which was solid but in no way compared to the pistachio dream.

So far, everything I have tried at Red Cat has been delicious, but if you want to do it right, stick to a sampling feast of the sides and starters and top it off with dessert.  And don’t forget the wine!  If they have a T-Vine’s Grenache you won’t regret it – make sure to get the full bottle.

Samantha Wolf is a PR prof and a frequent diner in downtown Manhattan. As a pescatarian, she loves sushi, all things veggie and anything with truffle oil. Her favorite course is dessert.  

Red Cat 
227 Tenth Ave (Between 23rd Street and 24th Street)

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  1. I went to Redcat a few months ago and a friend of mine order the Pistachio semifreddo and had exactly the same response to it. Absolutely delicious!