Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We have Georgia On Our Minds….

Pin It Cue Ray Charles!

With the start of summer, who doesn’t get in the mood for some barbeque?! And believe it or not – NYC is a BBQ town! Scoff if you will Southern friends, but some of our NYC favorites include Blue Smoke, Virgil’s and Brother Jimmy’s. However, this time, we found ourselves with our good foodie friend Rob at the quaint (read: 5 tables), rustic (read: we teetered on our wooden chairs hoping they would hold us!) Georgia’s Eastside Grill.

Quick side note: Danielle is our captain of ordering – regardless of cuisine. She has this uncanny ability to corral all of our many opinions and cravings and order accordingly so that everyone leaves the table fat n’ happy. Seriously people – if they gave out a Nobel Prize for ordering, Danielle would win it!

So for appetizers –we started out with a full rack of dry rub baby back ribs and the potato skinz (with a “z”) special. The ribs were in no need of a pesky knife – the meat literally fell off the bone before our eyes.

We then went on to the fried chicken sandwich, two pulled pork platters and a fried catfish sandwich, sides of cole slaw, French fries, roasted beet salad and corn bread (don’t judge…we came hungry!). The BBQ pulled pork was rich and smoky and the fried fish and chicken were the perfect mixture of salty crispiness on the outside and juicy meatiness on the inside.

But we had one strange little star of the show – the homemade applesauce! It was on the special menu – so not sure they make it all the time – but if they do – ORDER IMMEDIATELY. It was a hearty mixture of smoothed apple puree with lots of warm cinnamon. Its sweetness perfectly complimented the savory dishes. Other hits were the coleslaw – which was not the goopy stuff you get at a deli – but rather, a lean, crisp slaw that went with the pulled pork like peanut butter goes with jelly! Like Oreos go with milk! Like fries go with ketchup…you get the idea ….

The Take Away:
This was a great BBQ experience and one we highly recommend. We do have 2 parting tips though: Go early (this place packs up) and don’t wear white.

Georgia’s Eastside BBQ
192 Orchard Street
B/W Houston and Stanton