Thursday, April 28, 2011

2nd Avenue Deli: Our Bubbies Would be Jealous

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Coming out of a terrible, miserable, cold winter, most of the Foodies were under the weather. We needed a low key dinner that would give us the strength to get over our ailments… some Jewish Penicillin (matzoh ball soup) and all the fixings were in order.

Oy vey (oh no), where does one get great Jewish deli in the city these days, you may ask? Well, the question is not as easy to answer as it used to be. You see, Jewish delis have gone through a period of consolidation and disappearance. Where once there were hundreds there are now only a dozen or so worthy of your bubby’s (grandmother) stamp of approval.

2nd Ave Deli is a New York institution. While no longer located on Second Ave (it is now just off Third on 33rd St.), the deli returned with a force from a several year hiatus. While the deli meats are good, they aren’t as good as Katz’s, the king of all NY delis.

The foodies opted for a smorgasbord of Jewish delicacies. They included: matzoh ball soup, latkes (potatoes pancakes) with homemade applesauce, stuffed to the brim deli sandwiches (corned beef, turkey, brisket and pastrami) with coleslaw and Russian dressing (of course), and kasha varnishkes (bowtie pasta with barley)… OY GAVALT (on my gosh)! With a round of Dr. Browns’ sodas (cream and black cherry), we feasted until we were too full to kibbitz (make small talk / joke) and turned to kvetsching (complaining).

While the meal hit the spot, it was very salty. The corned beef was a little too lean, but the pastrami and brisket melted in your mouth! If you are going to make the schlep (the trip) to the 2nd Ave Deli, the matzoh ball soup is a must, and make sure you stay hydrated throughout your Jewish delicacy delight!

2nd Ave Deli
162 E 33rd St (at Third Ave)

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