Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear West Village...

Pin It Dear West Village,

It is with complete and utter lament that I’m writing this post because well…I’m sorry. I’m sorry I called you gross and overrated. I’m sorry I thought you smelled and were filled with drunk college kids. I’m sorry I thought you had nothing to offer my spoiled taste buds. But alas, all of my previous experiences at crappy diners and hole-in-the-wall pubs have left a foul taste in my mouth. And FINALLY you’ve started to unfold in front of me….

Home – (sigh) Home sweet Home! Comfort food at its best. A great menu with wines from the Finger Lakes, melt-in-your-mouth short ribs, juicy pork chops and mac n’ cheese that defines logic (how do you get crispy and creamy in every bite??).

Choptank – With the salty shores of the Chesapeake Bay nearly 200 miles away, Choptank has captured the essence of Baltimore right here in NYC. Crab dip that makes your toes curl and sweet and salty crab chips are staples! But the whole fish was a treat and the burger was juicy and delicious. To top it off, Choptank had the friendliest staff I’ve ever experienced.

Fat Cat Billiards – This isn’t the Ritz, but what I didn’t expect from this underground bar was the SPACE! There’s nothing I hate more than being shoulder-to-shoulder with 100 complete strangers trying to enjoy a beer while screaming over the unrecognizable music. Fat Cat offers tables, couches and (gasp!) room to walk around! And with a $3 cover to listen to live jazz music, play whatever games you want (from Scrabble to pool to shuffleboard), Fat Cat has it all.

These are just a few of several places that friends and colleagues have recommended in the last few months including Perilla, WallSe, Automatic Slims and Westville topping off that list. Haven’t gotten to all these places yet but it’s in the works!

So West Vill (it’s cool if I call you that, right?), I promise to never judge you again! You’ve won this round. I will be back.

Founding Member of Foodies in NYC

P.S. – Don’t tell the LES but you’re now in competition for the top food spot in NYC!

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  1. UPDATE: Since this post, I've tried Westville, which has yummy fresh veggies! My reco for Westville is - if you go, keep it simple with your food choices don't try anything too fancy. I went chicken breast and sat staring at the burger next to me. And also Tavern on Jane, a cozy little place with fabulous food. I went with a menu staple - the pan roasted half chicken - but tried my friend's Valentine's Day special - the blue cheese crusted filet, which was to die for! They also had a great selection of wines by the glass and awesome service. It's what the West Village is all about - great food, comfortable atmosphere and unparallel service! We love it there!