Monday, July 26, 2010

FC Nibble: Barnacle Billy’s

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Maine is known as the Vacationland State and there is no better starting point for a true Maine vacation than Barnacle Billy’s in Ogunquit. Billy’s has become an annual pilgrimage for my boyfriend and me. This past Fourth of July, we went with 11 of our friends and enjoyed dinner on a private deck overlooking the bay.

You go to Billy’s for two things – the famous rum punch and a delicious, fresh-from-the-ocean, Maine lobster, at the size of your choosing (I’m a 1.5 lb girl, if you’re keeping score). The rum punch, a combination of fruit juices and rum (lots of rum) is the potent signature cocktail of Billy’s. They even have a two punch limit that is ‘strictly’ enforced, but if you are committed, you can generally score a third. We started with two great apps – Billy’s humongous shrimp (you order by the shrimp) that could be a meal all by themselves; and the bacon-wrapped scallops with a maple syrup dipping sauce – I mean, really, how can that be bad??

Then it was time for the feature presentation – a perfectly boiled crustacean, a bib, some drawn butter and the tools of the trade. The lobster meat was succulent, from the tentacles to the claws to the abundant tail meat. I made quick work of my lobster and sat back to enjoy the beautiful evening on the bay.

With good friends, good food and great bevies, Billy’s is a must-try if you are ever in Ogunquit!

PS - This post was co-authored by Mitchell Wexler :)


  1. Take these rubber bands off my claws and make it a fair fight next time!


  2. haha - even with the rubber bands off - my $$ is on Mz. DeVoren!