Wednesday, April 7, 2010

FC Nibble: A Must Read at The Library Hotel Bar

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What it lacks in actual literary novels, The Library Hotel’s Bookmarks Lounge makes up for in its atmosphere, “bevies” and noshes which speak a thousand words. Sitting atop The Library Hotel on 41st and Madison is a quaint hotel bar on the 14th floor surrounded by the enormous art-deco and brick facades of New York’s concrete jungle. On one of the nicest days of the year so far, our small party (you can’t really bring a large group if you want to sit outside) sat in the garden area towards the front of the bar. Bookmarks is accommodating for larger groups as well with a large atrium in the back and an enclosed area with large plush leather chairs and a décor that helps give the venue its name.

Now, IMO*, the menu should be a New York Times bestseller. With drinks like their signature Bookmarker and The Aviator (with sloe gin, lavender and a lemon peel served up in a martini glass) and several other options, you won’t want to put it down! And the noshes were like the last 50 pages of a suspense novel (somewhat predictable but you keep going back for more). I would definitely recommend the calamari – very lightly fried and salted with that melt in your mouth consistency, three bites are enough – and also the cheese platter – the variety of cheeses with fruity chutney on a slice of toasted bread is like spring in your mouth.

Overall a great read from beginning to end - I would definitely recommend Bookmarks Lounge for any of my foodie (or book club) friends to add to their summer reading, I mean eating, lists!

(*IMO = In My Opinion, for our more seasoned food club members)

The Library Hotel
299 Madison Avenue & E 41st St
New York, NY 10017
(212) 983-4500


  1. OMG- just because i HNI (had no idea) WTF IMO meant does NOT make me O.L.D. or....."seasoned" HRRRUMMPH!

  2. By seasoned, I mean perfectly spiced!

  3. Just went here for drinks! was the perfect night to be on the roof talking about books!