Monday, February 22, 2010

A Food Club Favorite: The Italian Wine Bar that keeps on giving…

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Uva Wine Bar was an unexpected surprise. We were sort of flailing on a cuisine one month…and picked a safe bet for everyone – Italian (prego!) We rocked out on the appetizers - a tried and true FC strategy so we can try as much as possible! Their appetizer list is extensive and they have great cheese and meat (affettati – which means cured meats) plates that you can customize. So we decided to get only 2 entrees HOWEVER – the meal was so delicious – we ordered another entrée! What little piggies we were! What stands out for us was the antipasti - with these delicious meaty green olives, the gnocchi di ricotta with creamy black truffle and chive sauce (they smallest gnocchi we’ve ever seen!) and the AMAZING bruschette with sheep’s ricotta cheese and black truffle honey.

I personally liked it so much – I brought my aunt and uncle there when they made their annual pilgrimage into the city (they were kind enough to treat us! thanks again Uncle Ken and Aunt Linda!). I ALSO recently took my mother there as a “thanks” for helping me with some apartment decorating. We had parppardelle alle ragu di vitello (home made pasta ribbons sautéed with ragu of veal and montasio cheese!) and the chicken filled with caciocavallo cheese, with plum tomatoes and artichokes. Tip on the pasta – eat it quickly – it’s so fine and thin that it cools fast! We went with a simple Sangiovese that pulled the whole meal together. It was just what we needed after a hard day’s work!

The net here is that Uva is consistently great yet unique – meaning it’s not the typical Italian-American heavy sauce/gooey cheese meal. The service is always great – and they always fit you in.

Now go – Manga!

Uva Wine Bar
1486 Second Ave (at East 77th Street)
New York, NY 10075

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